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Better to light a candle than cursing the darkness.

This is exactly what the viewpoint of a group young Sri Lankan parents gathered at the Perth Sri Lankan Buddhist temple had during their “usual chat” while their kids were studying Sinhala language and Buddhism. Although Sri Lanka is a very fascinate and culturally diverse country with almost 96% of literacy, most of the people there still living under immense economic hardships. Their main hope is to study hard, get a decent job with the ambition of having a decent life. In Sri Lanka dream of getting a good education is somewhat easy thanks to the free education system introduced by the government lead by a Veteran politician Mr. C. W. W. Kannangara in October 1, 1945. However dream of gaining a decent life is not always easily realizable. Irrespective of their skills and educational background many find it is hard to see their dream of a decent life come into reality. Due to socio- economic hardships many skilled and educated youth are migrating to other countries in search of a better life. But when they depart they keep their hearts back in Sri Lanka. Specially they feel somewhat guilty of leaving the country looking for a better life with the help of the very education they received free from their motherland.

This guilt made some of our members to think of something that can help them to repay what they own from their motherland. This is where the concept of RidmaRayak came into existence. RidmaRayak is a musical event and its main objectives are while giving local artists a chance to demonstrate their talents in front of an audience of their own community, the profit earned from the event is spent on helping economically disadvantaged schools and students back in Sri Lanka. So far the team has organised three such events and helped five schools in very remote part of Sri Lanka to uplift the educational facilities such as buildings and teachers quarter etc to the School and to provide basic facilities such as drinking water and Sanitary facilities to the children.

Having started with eight very dedicated and talented team members, the” RidmaRayak” has evolved into a legal charitable organisation in Australia with a membership of 18 equally talented and dedicated volunteers. Today it is a not for profit registered body in Australia under the name of RIDMA Foundation Inc. The success of this organisation does not solely because of its dedicated membership but also because of hundreds of other members in the Perth community who always provide their utmost support in many ways to achieve the target set by the event.

Our Vision:

To strength our future generation in which all children can pursue a quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to the development of their community and the world.

Our Mission:

Education is a debt due from present to future generations.
-George Peabody-

Helping under privileged children to develop education is a duty of the present generation. It is furthermore the foremost way of elimination of poverty in the world. Education transforms lives and communities.

Our Values:

  • RespectWe are respectful in our interaction and encourage mutual respect between groups and individuals
  • IntegrityWe are ethical, fair, open and transparent in our work
  • DevelopmentWe commit to develop education needs for children
  • Mutual CorporationWe value Team Work and helping each other to achieve our targets
  • AdvanceWe always advance towards our goals

Our Objectives:

(1) This is an organization for educational, welfare and health of less privileged Children globally. To provide those facilities to such children, schools are selected from the areas of arms conflicts, social disputes or any other matters impacted to basic quality education

(2) Primary Objectives of the Foundation are –

  • RIDMA Foundation shall have a fund of monetary value for the benefit, care, maintenance, and support of its charitable objects.
  • All future capital assets solely applied to the said fund to invest it appropriately to generate income.
  • The income stream from the said fund shall be applied solely to the purposes set out in the objects of the Foundation.
  • Build or facilitate schools infrastructure.
  • Provide sports and educational equipment required by such schools to conduct their curriculum.
  • To provide drinking water and sanitary for such schools.
  • To provide funds and build or renovate accommodation for teachers.
  • To support any other requirement of such schools approved management of school.

(3)  To educate and participate in development activities that contributes to the social wellbeing of the general community.

(4)  To promote cultural and social values among general community.

(5)  The property and income of the Society shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Objects of the Society and no part of the property or income may be paid or distributed directly or indirectly to members except in good faith in the promotion of those objects.