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Hulannuge School

Projects completed by Ridma Rayak II

Purpose of Ridma Rayayak II was to help two remote schools in the former war zone.

Hulannuge is a remote village between Siyambalanduwa and Lahugala on the road to Pottuvil . It is on the border of the Ampara and Moneragala districts in Sri Lanka.

Hulannuge school was established in 1960, and conducts classes from Year One to the GCE Advanced Level. The entire school is ambitiously run by only 12 teachers, who must extend their efforts to support a student population of about 450 students. The requirement for the school would actually be 21 teachers.


Considerable damage has been caused to the school building when LTTE terrorists attacked the area in 1996. The walls of the buildings are peppered by gunshot scars. Mortar attacks have completely destroyed some of the buildings. The provincial education office responsible for overseeing this school is inconveniently situated in Trincomalee, and it is understood that this conflict of positions contributes to the office completely disregarding the plight of the students.

Students do not even have basic sanitary facilities. More than a decade ago, two toilets were constructed for the school by the Hulannuge Special Task Force, but they too are in a totally dilapidated state.

After the war ended the students and the teachers of this rural community village found it is difficult to improve their educational needs due to lack of facilities. After approaching the local authorities numerous times, they then sought the help from Ridma Rayak team.

Items attended

Hulan Nuge School
Item Description Comments Expenditure In SL Rs Status
1 Science Lab Renovation Much needed assets for science students 187,220 Completed
2 Admin Building Renovation Multipurpose building 82,360 Completed
3 Teachers Quarters Renovation 200,000 Completed


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Gallery Work in Progress

Gallery Completed


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