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RIDMA Foundation friend Dr. Ruwan Nanayakkara on behalf of RIDMA Foundation visited the Kotiyagala Kanishta Vidyalaya to inspect the progress of the work done with the assistance of the funds received.

RIDMA Foundation would like to convey our gratitude to Dr Nanayakkara for taking time from his busy schedule to visit the school.


Dr Ruwan Nanayakkara

Update from Dr. Ruwan Nanayakkara
Consultant Forensic Pathologist
District General Hospital, Monaragala

It was a great pleasure to visit the school which is renovated with the help of your funds for the innocent pupils of Monaragala district. It is 50 km away from the main city. But it took nearly one hour drive by a car, but it takes nearly 3 hours by public transport during day time. It seems impossible to visit there in odd hours due to the limited bus service. People used to travel by tractors and foot bikes to the school. Road is horrible as it is renovated and going to be carpeted. On the way to school I could see partly built, unfinished houses.

After a travel of 30km on a harsh road I could see the school in a village. There were 400 students but only 6 teachers were available on that day.

Warm welcome was given by the principal and the reverent. Photocopy machine and computer were available in the principal’s office.

Then we directed to the lab building. Outside was not much attractive but ceiling inside the lab was fully finished. Pavements were constructed in good quality. Outside ceiling was still under construction.

Then I visited to see the Home science lab which was filled with accessories of science lab. It was planned to renovate but they said no one is going to help them.

Library is apparently good and facilities seem to be satisfactory. But the shelves were empty and books of old editions were filled in the cupboards.

At the end of the visit I went through the facilities available to the teachers. Only one teacher is from that area and all the others form far away cities like Colombo, Kandy and Badulla. Quarters for principal and other teachers are available but the outlook is ashamed.

Due to hot climate students and teachers used to stay outside of the class room under the trees with natural wind.