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A photo copy machine to reproduce materials and worksheets for their students was one of requirements given to RIDMA Foundation during our first visit the school. Major challenge in conducting end of term examination was printing of test papers.

School depend on printing companies in the city to get this job done. Not many printers like to deliver the papers to this school due to difficult transport route to the school from Monaragala town.

Sometimes examinations had to be postponed due to none delivery of the exam papers by the Printing Company before the exam. School has a computer with Sinhala word processor installed to prepare the master copy of exam papers but this old 486 machine breaks down very frequently.

In response to this requirement, which has a direct impact to the outcome of education, RIDMA Foundation decided to fund for brand new multi-function copier and new Toshiba desktop computer. We selected Kent Business Systems as preferred supplier to deliver and install this 2 machines and provide training required to use the machines. RIDMA Foundation spent LKR 182,500 for the stage II which was completed 09th June 2015.

We are grateful for Kent Business Systems for providing free delivery and training.