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Thank you for being a great supporter for RIDMA events over past years. We always appreciate your generous support, which enable us to help financially disadvantaged students in Sri Lanka.

With great pleasure, we would like to introduce our new mode of support to help more gifted and talented students in Sri Lanka; RIDMA Scholarship Scheme.

The objective of this scholarship scheme is to establish an educational aid scholarship fund to help gifted and talented students who are financially disadvantaged.

RIDMA Scholarship plans to operate as two main schemes

  • RIDMA Foundation will invest funds (e.g. Fixed Deposit) to generate income to fund scholarship program.
  • External donors can sponsor children. RIDMA Foundation will administer the funding and facilitate communication between sponsor and the student.

You are warmly welcome to support any scheme as you wish. We make sure each and every single cent you donate reach the selected student efficiently and effectively

  • RIDMA Foundation has developed meticulous selection method and selection criteria to select the best candidates to offer scholarships.
  • Based on the educational levels and related financial requirements, we have identified three levels of scholarships.
Category Grade/Age Annual Scholarship Remarks
Type I Year 6 to Year 8 LKR 12,000 Selected from Year 5 – Scholarship exam results
Type II Year 9 to Year 11 LKR 18,000 Selected from Year5 – Scholarship exam results
Type III A/L classes LKR 24,000 Selected from GCE (O/L) exam results

*RIDMA foundation expects to increase the annual scholarship amount while fund grows

To achieve maximum learning outcome of this scholarship assistance, RIDMA Foundation scholarship committee will be monitoring each student’s academic performances and on-going assessments throughout the scholarship period.

  • Selection criteria
  • Scholarship application/ information sheets



If you require further information please contact RIDMA Foundation.

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