RIDMA Foundation offers financial support to rural schools to renovate or build infrastructure, provide sports and educational equipment, provide clean drinking water and sanity and funding to build or renovate accommodation for teachers. We carefully select state owned (public schools), after evaluation following guide lines. This selection criteria has been adopted by RIDMA Committee after finding and analysing the circumstances of various rural schools globally.

Mandatory Selection Criteria

  1. State owned school (Public School)
  2. Rural School (non-urban school)

Secondary Selection Criteria

Criteria Parameters Purpose
Geographical base of the area where the school is located Distance to nearest City To determine whether it’s a rural school
Schools effected by Civil Wars or any other arms conflict Is school affected by Arms conflicts? To determine whether privilege to quality education of children has been denied due to war
Political/Religious/Other Issues Is school affected by Political/Religious disputes/ natural disaster? To determine whether privilege to quality education of children has been denied due to social issues or natural disaster (floods / Tsunami)
No of Children in the schools No of Children who attend the school currently RMI investment/funding to be benefited to more children
No of Teachers in the school No of teaching staff in the school To determine which facility to be improved for the school.
Population of the circuit/suburb where the school situated Population of the area where school is situated To measurer the sustainability of the school
Level of Income of people who live in the area Poor
Middle income owners
To determine the poverty has been effected to children of the area
No of other schools in the area Distance to nearest similar school To measurer the sustainability of the school
Recommendation from the Department of Education Could principal or Teacher/Parent committee obtain a letter from local/state education office to recommend suggested development To make sure the similar development to the school has not been planned by state or local government

Note: To select a school, the person who proposes the school has to obtain above information (parameters) from the school and submit to the RFI committee.

Our Selection Process

  1. School to be evaluated within RFI Selection Criteria ( above mentioned)
  2. If passes , RFI committee asks committee the member/s to provide requirements in Fact Finding
  3. Committee member submits
    1. Letter from Principal
    2. Letter from Teacher/Parent Association
    3. Letter from Local School Governing Body
    4. Photo/Video evidence of current situation
  4. RFI Committee evaluate facts
  5. If RFI Committee happy with the facts provided by the committee member/s, decision is made to finalise the items to be funded for development. Project Delivery Team is formed. (The committee member who proposed the school is mandatory member of the Project Team)
  6. Project Delivery team officially inform the principal, parent/teacher association and local education office

Ridma school selection process