Event Name Perth Ridma Rayak III (Special Edition)
Event Category Concert
Code PRR3 
Event Date January 31, 2015
Venue RNDM Performing Art Centre
Total Attendance 550
Major Sponsors Westpac Bank ( Riverton and Canning Vale)


RIDMA Foundation Inc. strive to lean from past to apply a process of continuous improvement. We practice reviewing our own work and receive community feedback via online surveys of our fundraising events. As a result of applying this practice to Ridma Rayak II, we decided to make some drastic changes to episode 03. It was our humble decision to accept that episode 02 was not much improved from episode 01. We wanted to stage a unique and astounding show involving professional artists whilst giving an opportunity to our own Perth local talent.

As a result we adopted key strategies to improve the quality of the show; invested more time planning, created a theme and a script for the concert, conducted workshops for local talent and engaged professional artists from Sri Lanka. 

RIDMA trusted their own committee members, Athula Koralge to write a script for the show and Nirosha De Silva for choreography. Nirosha was well supported by Ruchira Ariyaratna and Marnik Makalanda. 

After negotiating with many artists from Sri-Lanka, contracts were signed with Kamal Addararachchi, a film and tele drama actor, a singer and a presenter, Mahendra Perea an actor in Sri Lankan cinema, stage drama and television and Himali Sayurangi an upcoming tele drama actress and a TV presenter.  

Most importantly, music direction was done by Perth own local telent Manju Silva and Rohan Jayawardana. 

RIDMA team commenced designing and planning early July 2014. Team allocated significant amount of time in every committee meeting to get all members input for the show.  

Two weeks prior to the show, Mahendra Perera arrived in Perth to conduct workshops for local artists. He specially focused on singers from Perth to enhance their vocal and performing skills. It was great experience and an opportunity for the Perth performers to train under a veteran like Mahendra Perera. 

After many challenges, many sleepless nights, huge amount of volunteering effort and backed by great community support, Perth Ridma Rayak (Special Edition) went live on 31st January 2015 at RNDM Performing Art Centre, Sorrento.