Event Name Pravegaya
Event Category Sinhala Movie
Event Date October 16, 2016
Venue Grand Cinema - Cygnet
Artists Jackson Anthony, Jayalath Manoratna, Mahendra Perera, Hemal Ranasinghe,Udari Perera and Pubudu Chathuranga


The hero believes that his life has been a waste because of his father’s inability to provide him a better lifestyle. This creates a negative attitude towards his father and he tries to revolt him in many ways. As a result there are frequent arguments between the son and the father. One night hero crosses his limit and insults his father by saying that he is unfit to be a father simply because he had failed to meet the hero’s basic needs as a young adult. 

Being deeply hurt by son’s words the father gives his hard earned savings to him. With that money the hero buys a bike, which was his childhood dream. This creates further clashes in the family. 

Now it is his turn to prove to his family that he is a worthy son. He works very hard to find a job and with the advantage of having a bike he gets a job as a sales man in a reputed company. 

His life goes very smooth and happy as he gets a job, pursue the love of his life and respect from neighbours and family. 

Life is so uncertain in many ways. We believe our life will go smoothly as we planned but life gives us the most unexpected twist from the unexpected corners. The twist happens even in hero’s life, which threatens his life as well as his family. 

What he would do and to what extents would he go to get back the integrity, dignity and honour of his life is the rest of the story.