Event Name Rhythm of Life – Perth Ridma Rayak IV
Event Category Musical Theatre (Ballet)
Code PRR4 
Event Date March 30, 2019
Venue Joy Shepherd Performing Arts Centre
Total Attendance 650


In RIDMA Foundation, we always treat Perth Ridma Rayak concert as our signature event. It is our major community engagement and our own production.  It is much more than a fundraising event.  

This time, RIDMA decided to present a musical theatre which is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Musical theatre in ballet style is very complex production, hence they decided to engage key roles of the production (cast, musical director and Head of choreography) from Sri-Lanka. 

Our very own script writer, Athula Koralage came up with theme of the show as ‘Life’ together with a draft show script. RIDMA Production Team built on it and came up a play which relates the story of three childhood friends who face critical issues in life as life moves on. They overcome numerous odds and succeeds in maintaining their friendship. 

Once again, RIDMA trusts Hemantha Kariyawasam as someone to ensure the quality and completeness of theatre production and to lead the members of the creative team. Hemantha collaborated the team of creative individuals and other RIDMA members to coordinated research and work on all the aspects of the production which includes the technical and the performance aspects.  

As a first step of assigning key roles, they selected award winning choreographer, Prashadi Ranasinghe as leading choreographer. Prashadi added much needed artistic vision to the musical theatre. She was well supported by our local choreographers (Nirosha De Silva, Ruchira Ariyaratna and Marnik Makalanda) in preparation of Perth performers.   

Music was key part of the show which was well directed by Tharidu Jayatilake, another skilful young musical talent from Sri-Lanka. 

Our search for key performers was ended up with young and talented Saranga Disasekara, Raveen Kanishka and  Shanudrie Priyasad. Raveen Kanishka (Anuhas) and Shanudri Priyasad (Samalka) captured the tele audiences playing lead roles in the highly popular teledrama, ‘Deveni Inima’ directed by Saranga Mendis. Award-winning actor Saranga Disasekera has been in the cinema/tele scene for several years. 

This event was showcase of talents from Perth children and youth who sacrificed their valuable time and effort by taking part in dance acts and supportive acting roles.  

RIDMA Production team took very professional approach to their biggest ever production.  They adopted professional theatre production techniques and guidelines in lighting, sound , vision, props , stage management and project management.  

After six months of planning and many challenges, Rhythm of Life – The Musical (4th Episode of Perth Ridma Rayak) came on stage on 30-Mar-2019. 

We began with …. 

We analysed our last 3 episodes to understand how we need to improve

09-11-2018 – Sneak Preview and tickets on Sale 

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Addressing our sponsors, community leaders and well wishers
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Image of the ticket

23-02-2019 – Casting and Audition 

Casting video

Local talents were identified in the audition

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RIDMA Prod Team
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Set Piece – Veil Fan
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Set Piece – Bridge

17-Mar-2019, Workshops commenced ….  

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From 01-Mar-2019, Back in Sri-Lanka …. Voice & Music Tracks were in Production

One more week to GO …. Saranga , Shanudrie and Raveen in Perth – 20190328_211702.jpg 

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29-Mar-2019 – Dress Rehearsal began at Joy Shepherd Art Centre …..One more day to go..   

30-March-2019 – On Stage  

Outcome of the Project: 

First ever Shinhala Musical Theatre in Australia 

Raised over AUD 15,000 to support future school development work  

Exposure of exceptional talents in dancing, singing and acting among the own Sri-Lankan community living in Perth, Australia. 

Listen to real experience of eyewitness