Event Name RIDMA Gala Night - 17th September 2022
Event Category RIDMA Gala Night
Event Date September 17, 2022
Venue Nedlands Yacht Club, Nedlands, WA
Total Attendance 200


RIDMA Foundation has been supporting less-privileged rural school children for the last 15 years.
At this moment, they need our support more than ever before.
Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since independence. It hurts them in many ways; Lack of fuel is keeping kids out of the classroom. The attendance rate has fallen drastically
  Soring food prices making harder to add nutritious to their meals causing acute malnutrition
  Parent cut 3 meals to 2 or 1 per day 
  Skyrocketed transport cost makes parents unable to pay school van fees.
  Not many children have internet for online classes  
RIDMA is making all efforts to help those school children.
Together we can give hope to them.
Come join us

on 17-September
at Nedlands Yacht Club, Nedlands, WA from 7.00 pm

RIDMA Gala Night – Fundraiser
Enjoy authentic Sri-Lankan Cuisine, Drinks (up to $10) and Live Music for $ 75