Event Name RIDMA Rayak 2
Event Date January 5, 2013
Venue John XXIII Performing Arts Theatre
Artists 100% Perth talents


RIDMA Rayak -01 in 2011 was a huge successful show which contributed to renovate Walioya Ethawatunuweva Vidyalaya from the profit of show.

As the Perth community embraced and highly regarded the newly bloomed musical extravaganza “RIDMA Rayak”, our organization had enough reasons, mainly because of the demand from the community to organize the second RIDMA Rayak in the year 2013.

Although, the whole intention of this effort was to raise funds to meet the objective of the organization, the RIDMA team wanted to include some more minor objectives like providing a platform for the Perth Sri Lankan community to present their talents in a more culturally friendly environment for a good cause. Like in the previous RIDMA Rayak, the team did a good assessment and search for the best talents in a variety of fields covering a large scope in stage items.

As usual, dancing and singing were the main focus of the program. A few young singers were carefully sorted and given an opportunity to brush up their skills by introducing them to good musicians and giving them exposure to sing with music to rehearse their singing to synchronise with music to suit a professional stage show.

Perth famous dancing schools extended their full corporation to make this event a colourful and more attractive one. Well known talented dancing girls in Perth community put their fullest support and dedication. Finally, their dedication resulted in a successful and memorable dancing items about which still our community speak about with high regards.

Starting from the planning which happened about eight months before the show, our team was busy in giving the best experience to our Perth community that they would never forget. Selection of artists and training them, arranging the best sound and the lighting, above all promotional work of the project were the key areas that we had to pay attention. Finally, that ambition and the effort became a success as we received overwhelming comments about the show from many parties.