Project Name Water Distribution System
Country Sri Lanka
Region Theldeniya
Project Approved Date July 7, 2020
Project Completed Date October 7, 2020
Team Leaders Buddika Kamathewaththa
Project Coordinator (site) Buddika Kamathewaththa
Estimated Cost Rs 58,650.00
Actual Cost Rs 58,650.00


Water Distribution System

CP/Tel/Rambukwella Junior College is located in Udadumbara, Teldeniya (Kandy) and by the time the application was submitted RIDMA Foundation, there were collectively about 160 students and 15 teachers in primary and secondary sections. Population of the village is approximately 1365 and majority of them are farmers with less income. Though the school has less facilities, there are some talented students studying. A few students those who had the opportunity to continue to G.C.E A/L, got through to university studies as well.
The school has 5 halls and a library. Library is also used as the dancing class room. One of the teacher’s quarter is used as a class room, staff room and a laboratory.

Location of the School
CP Rambukwella Junior College is surrounded by green mountains and playfields. Between the primary and the secondary, is the college playground. Natural upcountry cascade landscape can be observed from the front to the back of the school. The school is also next to the village temple.
• Distance from Kandy is approximately 45.5Km
• Distance from Colombo is approximately 169Km

Condition of the existed water distribution system.
At the beginning, this school was only a primary and eventually with the growth the student population, the secondary was opened at the back of the school land where the entire secondary section is elevated than the main water tank which is available at the primary section. There is a Norway funded, still functioning solar water pump system available at the primary section and there had been a water line running from the primary to the secondary underneath the playground which eventually became leaky and hence abandoned as the pipeline was unable to be get repaired. As a consequence, children at the secondary had to carry water to their toilets manually by buckets. Ultimately, the entire school started to depend upon the only tap available at the primary section.

Project Proposal
Mr.Chaminda Kumarasiri and Mrs.Chithra Thalagune, took the initiative to send through and application to RIDMA Foundation requesting to address the following two main essential services and a building facility.

  1. Water distribution system renovation
  2. Toilets renovation
  3. A new science laboratory

A member of RIDMA visited to the school to check the condition in February 2020. Upon a thorough assessment, RIDMA Foundation decided to help the school in stages. Being the water distribution system the 1st stage, the following estimate and the project proposal were received.

Commencement of the project
At Dr.Prasad Kumarasinghe’s initiative and generous donation of him and his friends, construction work for a new water distribution system was commenced and carried out by Mr.Chaminda Kumarasiri (one of the teacher at the school/vice principal) with the assistance of some enthusiastic students and parents in July 2020. With the discount for the motor they received, Mr.Chaminda Kumarasiri could also managed to conclude few other activities such as tiling the fountains, purchasing a new sink for the science lab, water line extension to the existing toilets, etc…