Project Name Ethawetunuweva Maha Vidyalaya - Renovation
Country Sri Lanka
Region Padaviya, Parakrapura
District Mullaithivu
Project Approved Date May 5, 2011
Project Completed Date June 3, 2020
Team Leaders Hemantha Kariyawasam, Aruna Jayawardana and Ranjan Weerasinghe
Project Coordinator (site) Mr Ramanayake. (Principal of the school during the project) Tel : 025-3254810
Estimated Cost 1.5M LKR
Actual Cost 1.49M LKR
Stage - 01 Renovation of Science Laboratory Building
Stage - 02 Installation of Drinking water and sanitary facilities
Stage - 03 Renovation of four Teacher’s accommodation units
Fundraiser Project Perth Ridma Rayak 01 – Concert (hyper link to fundraiser)



Ethawetunuweva is small rural community located in Weli Oya Divisional Secretariat of Mullaithivu district in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Ethawetunuweva Maha Vidyalaya is one of many rural schools affected by LTTE violence for almost 30 years. During the conflict, school was running under immense difficulties where children were taking refuge in small bunkers while shells were being exchanged between the  LTTE and Government forces. Once the civil war ended, school was left with damaged building, without drinking water and sanitary facilities. Teachers who were mostly from the southern part of Sri Lanka were doing their duties amid great difficulties while living in damaged quarters. After the war ended conditions did not improve much for this remote community school. The school community appealed to the local administration to get government attention to develop the school. As a small community, their numbers were politically insignificant hence their voices went unheeded.

RIDMA Foundation’s pilot charity project in Sri Lanka.  

It was during this time that the Perth Ridma Team (Now RIDMA Foundation) was looking for ways to help rural schools in Sri-Lanka. They started gathering information from various parties in Sri Lanka to find a suitable school as their first charity project. Since the school was in the war-ravaged part of the country, the team had difficulty in finding more details of the school. One of Perth’s senior community members volunteered to pay a visit and present firsthand information. The Team then unanimously approved to fund the school to achieve its basic needs.  

With funds raised from the its first musical extravaganza, Perth Ridama Rayak – .

Thanks to the help received from teachers at the school, parents and many other organizations in Sri Lanka, works were completed successfully.

Special thanks goes to Sri-Lanka Army, Civil Defence Force, Tritech Engineers Pte Ltd (Sri-Lanka) and Lanka Deep Wells Pte Ltd (Sri-Lanka).

Listen to the voices of Children who appreciated the gift they received from the Perth Community.

Key Project stages

A: Renovation of science lab building.

B: Implement drinking water supply and sanitary facilitation system.

C: Renovation of teachers’ quarters.

Summery of project stages and cost
ItemDescriptionCommentsExpenditure In SLRsStatus
1Renovation of Science LabBuilding renovation103,630completed
2Geological Survey for Deep WellWater project Stage 125,000completed
3Deep Well DrillingWater project Stage 2220,000completed
5Pump InstallationWater project Stage 3171,200completed
6PlumbingWater project Stage 4166,224completed
7Tank and the StructureWater project final stage158,843completed
8Toilets renovationTwo toilets systems36,080completed
9Teachers’ Quarters renovationAll four Quarters renovated609,005completed