Project Name Hulannuge School Renovation
Country Sri-Lanka
Region Wellassa
District Ampara
Stage - 01 Renovation of Admin building and Science Lab
Stage - 02 Renovation of Teachers Quarters 1
Stage - 03 Renovation of Teachers Quarters 2
Fundraiser Project PRR 2


Hulannuge Maha Vidyalaya, situated in an isolated area in the Ampara district close to the Monaragala district boundary, has been faced with severe shortcomings. Established in 1960, this school conducts classes from year one to the GCE Advanced Level.  The entire school is ambitiously run by only 12 teachers, who must extend their efforts to support a population of approximately 450 students. The minimum requirement for the school is 21 teachers.

Considerable damage was done to the school buildings when the LTTE terrorists attacked the area in 1996. The walls of the buildings are peppered with gunshots scars. Mortar attacks have completely destroyed some of the buildings. The provincial education office which is responsible for overseeing this school is inconveniently situated far away in Trincomalee. It is understood that this conflict of location has somewhat contributed to the fact that officials disregard the plight of the students completely.

Students do not have access to basic sanitary facilities. More than a decade ago, two toilets were constructed for the school by the Hulannuge Special Task Force, but they are in a dilapidated state. Furthermore, the unavailability of drinking water is a serious problem for the children. After consulting the school principal and teachers, RIDMA Foundation was able to identify and prioritise issues of the school which we can assist with. The principal and teachers have collected information including necessary costs and quotes for the renovations and restorations.