Project Name Kandegama Kanishata Vidyalaya - Dibulagala-Polonnaruwa
Country Sri Lanka
Region North Central Province
District Polonnaruwa
Project Approved Date May 17, 2017
Project Completed Date May 6, 2018
Team Leaders Ravindra Vithanage, Kaushalye Paranavithana
Project Coordinator (site) Amila Nayakarathna-Teacher (Kandegama Kanishata Vidyalaya)
Estimated Cost 1 Million Rupees
Stage - 01 Renovation of teachers quarters No - 02
Stage - 02 Renovation of teachers quarters No - 04
Fundraiser Project RIDMA Ball – 2017



Kandegama Kanishta Vidyalaya is located near Aralaganwila, 55km from Polonnaruwa town in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. As in many rural areas in Sri Lanka, a lack of opportunities has given rise to poverty, Thus, education has not been given due attention in many respects. This school was the center for over 270 students in that area at the time. Most of the parents of the school’s children engaged in slash and burn [hena] cultivation and fishing for their livelihood. As such, they were financially not capable of looking after the needs of the school or for that matter, the needs of their own children.   

Twenty (20) teachers were on the staff of this school at the time. Many of them were residential teachers who came from distant places. The living quarters available to them were not at all satisfactory as many of the buildings were dilapidated and did not have basic facilities. As a result, the teachers often did not remain for long. This situation was worst when it came to the female teachers’ quarters.    

The RIDMA Foundation identified improved living conditions for the teachers as the need to be addressed immediately. It would ultimately benefit the children of this school as they would have long stay teachers. This would give the school the stability it required for standards of education to improve.

After a comprehensive assessment and feasibility study, we decided to repair two teachers’ quarters spending over one million rupees. The project was planned to cover areas like refurbishment of the roof, replacement of doors and windows, re-cementing the floors and painting of walls. The quarters did not have proper electrical power connections and cables were run all over the rooms risking the lives of the teachers. Proper internal electrical wiring and electrical power connection to the grid completed the project. Teachers now had satisfactory living conditions and could live in safety and be content and stay on.

Stage 01 – Renovation of teachers’ quarters No -02

Stage 02 – Renovation of teachers’ quarters No -04

Outcome of the work:

  • Secure electricity.
  • Fans and lights
  • Bathroom
  • Refurbished shelter
  • Paving around the building
  • New cement floor
  • New doors and windows
  • Teachers content to stay on and serve the school