Project Name Serawa Primary School
Country Sri-Lanka
Region Uwa Province
District Monaragala
Estimated Cost LKR 1,096,450
Actual Cost LKR 1,096,450
Stage - 01 Brand new two class room building (12mx6m)


Serawa Primary school is situated within the Bibila Educational division in Monaragala district, Sri Lanka. This school was established in 1968 to provide primary education to the children in surrounding villages of Karadugala, Bulupitiya, Hamanawa, Perana, Maldamambe and Serawa.

Since the date of establishment, this school has been operating with one building and conducting classes from year 1 to 6 without any infrastructure development over the years. Recently, the school has received 36 new applications for students in year one, for admission in 2020 January. The school principal has made several requests to relevant government authorities to receive extra building space for these new admissions. While waiting without any positive responses from the government bodies, they have managed to establish a relationship with the RIDMA foundation via village leaders and Lanka Tube Wells Limited which was the company RIDMA foundation has been dealing with its past projects delivering in rural areas in Sri Lanka.

After RIDMA foundation received a request from the school principal to construct a new building, the village leaders and all other relevant authorities have approved the construction of two 12mx6m ft classrooms. The RIDMA Foundation was able to get the support from the contractor who engaged in previous projects in Sri Lanka to construct this new building. It was identified as an urgent requirement for the students’ educational development. Finally RIDMA foundation’s current management committee has approved the funding for the building under the Sri Lankan Government authorities of UWA Provincial council. Bibila Zonal education office issued the approval for the building plan, prepared by the provincial engineering office. 

The RIDMA foundation has decided to use Kurunagala Lanka Deep Wells Pty Ltd to coordinate the construction as per the principal’s request. The construction work was commenced in the first week of January 2020 after receiving the approval from the relevant authorities. Following conditions were required:

  1. All building works must be carried out under supervision of the director of the provincial council building engineering office.
  2. No monetary contribution from the school children or their parents
  3. All constructions must guarantee children’s health and safety; and also take the necessary measures to prevent any damage to schools infrastructures.

RIDMA Foundation along with all the other contributing parties in Sri Lanka have completed 90% of construction.

Stage 01 – Provide two Class Room Building (40×20)

Foundation Works with the School Parents

Outcome of the work

  • Brand new building for required facilities comprising of a computer lab, class room/library
  • Divided two rooms
  • Extra electrical wiring.
  • Extra space for students educations