Project Name Kudabibula Primary School
Country Sri-Lanka
Region Southern Province
District Hambantota
Team Leaders Aruna Jayawardana
Stage - 01 Main Building Renovations. Retaining walls to protect building foundations
Stage - 02 Toilet and drinking water system renovation
Stage - 03 Providing a new multi-function building (40x20)


Kudabibula village is located in the Hambantota district, and has an evidenced history that goes back many hundred years. The village is blessed with seven naturally flowing waterways that supply water for the agricultural and drinking requirements of the villagers.  Kudabibula Primary School was established in 1959 to educate children from the village and surrounding villages. Currently, the school provides education for 110 students from year 1 to 8 with 7 teachers.

We visited the school in July 2013 on a fact finding mission. We were saddened to see the difficult conditions faced by the children and teachers.  Classes were conducted in an old building with a metal roof that was damaged. Flattened cardboard boxes had been made into a ceiling to provide some relief from the unbearable heat generated by the metal roof as it heated up. Classes were separated by flimsy screens of plastic sheets. The parents of most children were from low income families who depended on seasonal agricultural activities for an income. We realised that these children’s biggest dream is to have a better education for a better future.

Stage 01 – Renovation of Main Building and Its Retail Walls

  • Low tin roof caused extreme heat.  Cardboard was used as a ceilings and black plastic sheets to divide classes.
  • Unbearable heat due to not having fans and insulation
  • Damaged concrete Floors
  • No electricity
  • Building was full of hazards due to uneven floors, damaged walls etc..

Outcome of the work

  • New ceiling
  • Concrete paving around the building
  • New cement floor
  • security mesh frames for windows
  • Retaining walls to protect the foundation

Stage 02 – Toilet and Drinking Water Facility Renovations

Most Schools have toilet facilities but are not maintained properly. Here too facilities were poorly looked after. The RIDMA Foundations agreed to renovate toilets and provide drinking water.

Outcome of the work

  • Clean toilet facilities for teachers and children
  • New drinking water facility close to classrooms
  • Water facilities for toilets.

Stage 03 – Multi Facility New Building

Outcome of work

  • New building for computer lab, classrooms, and library.
  • Two secure rooms to keep valuable equipment.
  • Extra electrical wiring for computer facilities
  • More space for students’ educational needs.
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