Project Name Madu Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya
Country Sri Lanka
Region Padaviya, Parakrapura
District Mannar
Estimated Cost 300,000 LKR
Actual Cost 268,000 LKR
Stage - 01 Separation of classrooms and side wall height increase
Stage - 02 Construction of Fence and Gate
Fundraiser Project Perth Ridma Rayak 02 – Concert


Madu Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya in Madu Road, Mannar was once a very prominent school in the area. At the heights of the LTTE violence, this school was razored to the ground by the fighting. As the school was within former LTTE controller area, there were no people to rebuild the school as almost all of them were either fled the area or murdered by LTTE. Once the war ended, People who fled the areas began slowly returning. But the school that provided education for their children was no more. A donor with the help from SL army, rebuild the school as a single hall building in year 2012. 

School was re stared with just four full time students and slowly grew its numbers. With the growth, the structure of the school building was not helpful for effective learning. As the building was a single hall, students had disturbance from other classes. Also during rainy days, children had to stop their studies due to rain water been splashed into class room as the height of the building’s outer wall was not sufficient to stop water.  

Sine the school was near a main road that access to Madu Church, there have been many stranger visitors to the school to take rest and even use as overnight stay. This made a huge trouble to the school building hence the safety of small children. Area had stray dogs and cows that made frequent visits to the school building. To address these issues, school wanted to erect a fence and a gate so that the premises can be secured during afterhours.  So the request was made to the very Army camp that helped re building the school for necessary upgrades. Radma Rayak team got the news and agreed to help financially for required work while Sri Lanka Army volunteered providing skilled and non-skilled labour 100%.  

School hall before 

School hall After 

Wall height increased 

Fence Completed.  

Classrooms separated.