Project Name Water Project - Munamalgaswewa Knishta Vidyalaya-Puthalama


🌟 Restoring Clean Water for Puttlam Moonamalgaswewa Kanishta Vidyalaya! 🌟

We’re excited to share an important project we’re currently undertaking at RIDMA Foundation. We received a request to assist in restoring a water filtration plant at Puttlam Moonamalgaswewa Kanishta Vidyalaya. This school, located near the border of Wilpattu Wildlife Sanctuary, serves 180 students, most of whose parents rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Approximately five years ago, a non-government organization provided the school with a water filtration plant. Unfortunately, due to wear and tear, the system has been non-operational for about a year. This has left students struggling to find clean drinking water, with some resorting to drinking unsafe water. The lack of clean water has exacerbated health issues in the community, where kidney disease is quite common.

In response, RIDMA Foundation, in partnership with Nimsahana Sansadaya, Athurugiriya, initiated a project to restore the water filtration system. We’re pleased to announce that this project is currently nearing completion!

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Prasad Kumarasinghe and Dr. Priyanthi Kumarasinghe for fully funding this vital project. Your generosity is making a profound difference in the lives of these students and their community.

Stay tuned for updates as we complete this project and continue our mission to provide clean water and support to those in need.

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