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🌟 Empowering Children, One Drop at a Time 🌟

At RIDMA Foundation Inc, we’re driven by a simple yet powerful belief: every child deserves a chance to thrive. In pursuit of this mission, we’ve undertaken a transformative journey to uplift less privileged children in Sri Lanka.

One of our most impactful projects has been providing access to clean water, a basic necessity that profoundly changes lives. Sri Lanka’s beauty masks the challenges faced by its underserved communities. Clean water, a luxury we often take for granted, is a distant dream for many children here.

Recognising this, we launched our latest, Tube Well Project in collaboration with local partner Nimsahana Sansadaya. Nimsahana’s technical knowhow and assistance from parents were immeasurable for the execution of the project.

The results have been astounding. No more long walks to collect dirty water – now, children can drink, play, and stay healthy. Beyond health, clean water has unlocked educational opportunities. Regular school attendance is possible, leading to better learning outcomes.

Communities actively participated in tube well installation and maintenance, fostering ownership and skills. This model ensures sustainable impact beyond our initial intervention.

As we celebrate the Tube Well Project’s success, we’re reminded of the work ahead. We remain committed to expanding our reach and creating brighter futures for these children. Clean water isn’t just a resource; it’s hope.

Together, drop by drop, we’re making dreams come true. 💧✨

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